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Sell Your House Georgia Vs. Listing Your House With A Realtor

In a seller’s market like Georgia’s, it’s smart to check all available options to discover which would help you achieve your goals. Although you can land a top-line price by listing through a local Georgia agent, the option has more hassle and expenses. Weigh your options via the in-depth comparison below. 

 Selling with an agent Sold to Sell Your House Georgia
Who pays commissions?5 or 6% commissions paid by the seller No commissions
Is Appraisal needed?Can only sell an appraised houseNo appraisal required
Who pays the closing cost?2% closing fees No closing cost– we’ll pay all charges
Open houses and inspectionsSeveral open houses for buyersJust 1 (by our team and contractors)
Are there inspections and financing  contingency?*Sale can fall through due to inspection or financing contingencyGuaranteed sale
How long does it take to sell?+/- 91 daysInstant cash offer and 7 days sale timeline
Who makes repairs?Repairs made by sellerNo repairs. We buy as-is
Closing dateBuyer decides the closing dateClosing date is your call

Work The Numbers to Find Out Which Option Helps Your Sell Fast...

You have three options when you want to sell your Georgia property. Sell yourself, sell with a realtor, or sell to a real estate investor (like Sell Your House Georgia). It’s great to check each option’s benefit before deciding. 

To be candid, Sell Your House Georgia can’t offer your home’s exact retail price, but we can make an offer close to that. Additionally, we can back it up with incredible benefits which the traditional route can’t afford. The benefits of working with us include: 

Instant Offers and closing with cash in hand within 7 days.

You don’t need to struggle with headaches caused by your property problems. We’ll buy your house immediately and help you save on insurance, taxes, and utility payments. If you wait 3 months to close on a listed property, you will pay several costs for holding the house that long.

Don’t Fix or Clean Your House For Every Showings

Dirty houses don’t bother us because we’ve seen the worst! Nor do unsettled repairs deter us from buying.  We’ll buy your house even if it’s a complete fixer because we enjoy demo work! We want to make offers on your property irrespective of the condition! Our process saves money, time, and effort.

No Hassle Or Encumbrances

As a full-service professional in Georgia, we’ll relieve you of every stress while selling your home. 

We promise to make it easy and cheaper for you! You won’t spend a dime on closing fees. In addition, we’ll send you a sincere cash offer that won’t change. Of course, we’ll deduct your mortgage balance if we have to pay off your mortgage. Regardless, it’s always a win-win to walk away with some cash even after settling your debt. 

In the long run, weighing the amount, time and effort you’ll expend in the open market, selling to a local professional cash buyer might be more advantageous. Sell Your House Georgia helps you save time and money! But is this option for you? 

See how much your home costs by requesting an honest all-cash offer on your property today.

Complete the online form below or call us at 404-620-4242 to chat with us over the phone! It wouldn’t hurt to try out our simple process that affords you a fast close at any time you choose

You can call for a quotation on your home even if you’d end up not selling to us. There’s no obligation, commissions, or any pressure to accept.  

But you may lose time or thousands of dollars if you don’t give us a try by requesting a FREE offer for your property below. 

    You have nothing to lose if you request a cash offer now. Ready? Get Started Below…

    We buy houses in EVERY CONDITION in Georgia. There are no charges or commissions and no commitment whatsoever. Start by providing a bit of information about your house or call 404-620-4242…

    *An inspection contingency allows a buyer to withdraw from the sale agreement or negotiate a new price if the house requires a lot of repairs.

    Financial contingency also permits buyers to back out from a sale when they can’t obtain a loan to purchase the home. Or if the home appraises at a higher value than the bank loan. 

    Sell Your House Georgia doesn’t buy houses with bank loans. Hence, we can close your deal without any contingencies.